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This game... (Archived)Sharius86/19/2012
It's amazing that Vita can support such a massive open-world (Archived)iDoneGotU56/19/2012
which district do you think had the best music? (Archived)ApollonCloud56/19/2012
Unlocking the abilities? (Maybe spoilers based on what needs to be done.) (Archived)Zero_Rare56/19/2012
Is Heksville supposed to mean like "hecks"ville? like everyone is in hell? (Archived)ObtuseAngina56/19/2012
We shoould have gotten this as a DLC (Archived)
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Episode 8 Secret monster(Nevi) (Archived)sonicantheo96/19/2012
Rented the game from Gamefly, is any DLC available in the PSN Store? (Archived)
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After playing this game for a while,the 6.5 review score is a joke.... (Archived)
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how do you get out of the village with the kids? *minor spoilers?* (Archived)DoctorRPG56/19/2012
Ep 7 School Girl mission questions help. (Archived)peoples_frank76/19/2012
Was there an update? (Archived)MizuhoChama66/19/2012
Any help with searching for crystals later in the game? (Archived)Justice9840526/19/2012
How is the DLC for those who have it? (Archived)Justice9840556/19/2012
How long did it take you to beat the game? (Archived)bbkkristian86/19/2012
Auldnoir Energy Race (Archived)
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whats your favourite distirct? (Archived)bleach20986/19/2012
Who else enjoyed the -- *minor spoilers* (Archived)scissorhandzsz46/19/2012
Simply amazing this game is!! (Archived)NejivsSasuke86/19/2012
Gravity Rush Let me down, and it was not Challenging enough >_>! (Archived)Morrigan_Fan96/19/2012
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