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Mystery couple question_ (Archived)sinncross41/21/2013
god this game is anoying end game (Archived)dsrpgfreak200951/20/2013
This game reminds me of Kingdom Hearts for some reason. (Archived)IcyFlamez9681/19/2013
Where's the Ark? (post game) (Archived)meatpiece31/19/2013
Is this game as good as it gets attention for? (Archived)
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The music needs to be in itunes. (Archived)donkeycoot23391/17/2013
Ok I just beat the game last night, but I have a lot of questions! (SPOILERS!!!) (Archived)Phantom_Epros31/17/2013
I am so grateful there isn't a trophy for collecting every special gem. (Archived)talomo9451/16/2013
Has there been any talk about a sequel? (Archived)auflame51/16/2013
Way to repeat conversations or movies? (Archived)meatpiece51/16/2013
What moves/abilities should I focus on upgrading first? (Archived)Phantom_Epros81/16/2013
Poll: The next game should have a lock on system (Poll)The_DARK_FoX61/11/2013
Just got this. (Archived)Michael_FF521/10/2013
Best Buy Sale for $19.99! (Archived)Edison72041/10/2013
Cyanea's model has nipples, and you can get a clear view of one. (Archived)
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Rift Planes Health Race (Archived)FareweLLibra61/7/2013
Gravity Sliding Race (Archived)Spotlesseden51/7/2013
Got a question on episode 6 (Archived)Mikeugame31/7/2013
What is this egg everyone keeps talking about? (Archived)WingZero078231/7/2013
What do you hope for in the sequel? (Archived)
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