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What benefits are there of getting the Marvel Edition. (Archived)twadepsvita41/10 4:33AM
When you unlock my moon in this game (Archived)pkivysaur112/26 7:31PM
Just got the game, question about Creating Level. (Archived)NeonYoshi11312/26 8:26AM
Online versus trophy help (Archived)EarthDevil112/15 2:55PM
Can Playstation tv use ps4 features while the ps4 in use? (Archived)bulletproven50112/11 4:01PM
Worth getting just for user content? (Archived)H3lpMeOut412/9 4:02PM
Forceful data deletion (Archived)the_wildlion212/8 11:26AM
Anybody else hoping we get a sequel or vita lbp3? (Archived)Rhio2k211/23 12:13PM
Any fellow sackfolk interested in co-op? (Archived)selfdeztruction211/17 3:49PM
Demo Players and User Created Content (Archived)Hybrid_Decision28/22/2014
is the community still active? (Archived)sonicbn28/21/2014
Mindful Vandalism (Archived)smibby18/18/2014
56 MB Save File with No Downloaded Levels or Moon Levels...? (Archived)MetroAndroid18/11/2014
50 unique players pls help (Archived)SilveZewa18/8/2014
Wasn't there supposed to be pink text? (Archived)donkeycoot23317/24/2014
Unsung Levels (Archived)MonkeymanMagoo17/21/2014
Should I get a refurbished Vita? (Archived)master_chief_8227/16/2014
Anyone with the Incredibles DLC? Need help with a project.. (Archived)im2quick4u8117/15/2014
LittleBigPlanet Vita I Need More Friends (Archived)psvitamaster12317/9/2014
Published my first level and have some questions. (Archived)Boney0097/3/2014
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