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Unless it's a headshot, the sniper rifle should not one shot kill. (Archived)
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Great game until the end... (Archived)Semp146/19/2012
This game is so unrealistic.... (Archived)Viking_Mudcrap26/19/2012
*spoilers* How to combat the last boss (Archived)
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Gold Trophy for playing Multiplayer shows Sony's money grubbing attitude. (Archived)Aromatic Grass96/19/2012
a bit late but i found the lockscreen for game (Archived)xenoleingod16/18/2012
How Do You Guys Feel About The Multiplayer? (Archived)TheExiled28046/18/2012
It feels like the spawns are getting worse (Archived)ICOYAR26/18/2012
This or MGS HD Collection (Archived)TheExiled28076/18/2012
How's the online Community? (Archived)
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How is Burning Skies? (Archived)Sevi_ney26/17/2012
Need help for online code (Archived)PurpleMaster36/17/2012
How do I kill this (huge) thing? (Archived)rodrigossv56/16/2012
Any campaign stats, scores, etc? Any controllable vehicles? (Archived)supercammando26/15/2012
Here is my preorder code for multiplayer boost pack (Archived)freethebunny26/15/2012
Why are people hating on this game? (Archived)Inzrekta66/15/2012
How would you rank this game compared to the others? (Archived)scptxbofgilead66/14/2012
any way to skip cut scenes? (Archived)grahamr2d296/14/2012
Sign if you platinumed (Archived)
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My review (link to blog) (Archived)Mikass00736/14/2012
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