Sol. Seriously, this track...

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I understand the courses are broader than in previous entries. I understand that ships take a lot longer to die now. I understand that the ships (in general) seem to handle better. But this course. This. Freaking. Course. I just don't get it.

There's one Time Trial event, Elite Pass is like 1:50 or something. Tried it with Feisar Speed, AG Agility, and Feisar Prototype. Couldn't stay on the track for the life of me, and barely managed to scrape past the Pass mark.

Then comes a Zone event. "I can't do this" I think. Go do it, to progress in the game. Get 64 zones and reach Mach 1.4, my personal best so far on any course. WTF.

Please, just... tips for this track, advised craft/racing lines, anything...
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Beyond doubt, there is clarity. But there's a requirement for getting there.


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You already have access to the Sol speedlaps? If no, I'd suggest you just complete the 2050 season first, because it can be a frustrating ordeal having to practice in campaign mode. Anyways... Sol is a strange course, in that you go "WTF" at first, but it will be the easiest by far to score perfect laps with (and hence higher zone scores) once you get the hang of it.

As for crafts: any speed ship will do of course, but since this is class A, I'd go for AG SYSTEMS. The reason being that at class A, the speed difference between ships is much less prominent. Thus, the AG SYSTEMS ship will be the easiest to work with. But in the end it's all a matter of preference, really (i.e. how sensitive do you want the steering to be?). If anything, don't barrel roll until you're familiar with the track. As for lines: it's hard to say anything without knowing where you tend to fall of most.
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