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The sound of one hand capping trophy help. (Archived)Lozh900611/26/2012
Question about prestige.... (Archived)bahardy412311/25/2012
whats the best way to beat the second to last hostiles level? (Archived)lightsidejedi711/25/2012
That last mission made so little sense. *spoilers* (Archived)raymanfan1811/25/2012
What's your favourite MP map? (Archived)Lozh900811/25/2012
I just got a game of kill confirmed where everyone was on the same team. (Archived)raymanfan1511/24/2012
Any news on patching some of the loose ends? (Archived)NiMH411/24/2012
multiplayer is pretty fun! (Archived)M_E_N_N_Y411/24/2012
Delivery And Takeout trophy *possible spoiler* (Archived)JMPunk883211/24/2012
Think they'll make another one for the vita? (Archived)smp61687711/24/2012
Having more fun with this than Blops 2. (Archived)raymanfan1311/24/2012
This Game -_- (Archived)JCrimson95811/24/2012
Prestige level question (Archived)koghan-style411/24/2012
Oh F***! F***! F*** the mission, this f****** place is gonna burn! (Archived)raymanfan1411/24/2012
What guns, perks etc do you do best with? (Archived)GunXI711/24/2012
The fourth mission kind of pissed me off. *spoilers* (Archived)YoshiBoshi3411/24/2012
This game looks fun. (Archived)Yalpik111/23/2012
Should I buy this or a new pair of pants? (Archived)
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Worth it? (Archived)MattGarza12511/23/2012
Urgent Which Should I Buy Please Help ASAP (Archived)
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