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lol just bought it used (Archived)Sailor Goon911/23/2012
Comparable to console version? (Archived)omegazero99611/22/2012
Don't Have a Vita...But Have Some Questions (Archived)shutyourmouth03511/22/2012
Exchange my unopened Cod vita game,for PlayStation all stars ? (Archived)
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From a CoD BoD owners perspective. (Archived)
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The perfect way to enjoy COD: Declassified! (Archived)mjh4101011/22/2012
i have a question regarding multiplayer. (Archived)jacksl411/22/2012
a few quick questions (Archived)jukita007211/22/2012
Few Questions (can't find the answers anywhere) (Archived)
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Let's start building a clan community (Archived)jZinzler311/22/2012
Auto-sprint or manual sprint? (Archived)raymanfan1611/22/2012
Pure as the Driven Snow trophy (Archived)longjiao111/22/2012
Now that the Wii U is launched... (Archived)
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Anyone else consistently getting booted from online lobby? (Archived)elai1108711/22/2012
Perks/ Attachments/ Lethal and Tactical Grenades (Archived)Gsus_94411/22/2012
Wow....really fun. (Archived)Va1on311/22/2012
something i managed to get from reading this board (DONT HAVE GAME) (Archived)XT3M3211/21/2012
Is this game really that bad? (Archived)
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Clan tags changing on their own in MP (Archived)Forgottonone211/21/2012
Hostiles is tough... (Archived)
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