Why doesn't Sasha's butt jiggle?

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Fat, firm, athletic. Only the first one jiggles the way nerds like it, however... the rest of the body follows the same trend soooo...

Firm and athletic don't. Sasha falls in those two. Deal with it, women aren't made of jell-o. You'll figure it out when you come to age.

Err, what? Sasha's butt is just as big as Vanessa's and should therefore jiggle.

Well, everything jiggles in a DOA game for example. They're supposed to be strong, athletic fighters, but for fan service reasons everything jiggles for 5 seconds before stopping. On Vanessa's case I'd say is more fan service than anything.

Jiggling comes from fat tissue, any athletic character shouldn't get this effect due to the massive amount of exercise they do. Yes, females accumulate more fat in the hips area than males, but still for the training she must've gone under, her body must be very lean and firm. This is why boobs can jiggle since they're all mostly fat, while a butt has more muscles that are easily exercised through leg work. Sasha fights with her legs plenty. I rest my case.

Oinkie on the other hand. His butt can jiggle like a DOA's girl fake butt. You could try that!

Fan service, huh? Isn't it just that Vanessa has a flabby butt - how can that be considered fan service?

You do know what fan service is, right?
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