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3 years ago#1
Anyone else run into this douche? Apparently lag Barons are relatively common on PS3, but I've only seen this one guy on the 360, and Christ, he's insufferable. Up to 14 kills, and he never gets killed. Can't imagine how bad it must be with two or more.

Any other notorious players any of you have run into on multiple occasions?
3 years ago#2
One time, I had a team of me (only Lvl 50) and 3 others in their mid 20s-30s against a whole team of Lvl 50 Barons in a game of Team Death Match. They tried spamming tires/poles and HKW attacks but we severly slaughtered them. I think it was 20-7 ro 8? Really proved working as a team will lead to victory.
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3 years ago#3
Yeah I ran into him which is why every time I see him I always go Baron and make sure to have a tire/pole with his name on it and give him a taste of his own medicine.
3 years ago#4
@ WhiteBaitKent

So miracles exist... How the hell did you guys pull it off? Aren't lag Barons immune to stuns and grabs?

@ supersmashbrosf

Oh, never thought about that. Since the game is p2p, it SHOULD work in reverse, right? Suddenly I'm really looking forward to meeting Azayoi online. >;D

I actually managed to take him out once, using the Bayonetta KWH glitch, and damn, was it satisfying. That said, he revenge killed me and I gave up since hitting him was a bit difficult, what with all these annoying idiots attempting to fight him. Seriously, lots of clueless morons try and take him since he's the king of the match, and they just start fighting amongst each other, and he just picks them off.
3 years ago#5
They all had mics and all we could hear was "Duuude, lets all play Baron! We're sooo gunna destroy them! Tire them and HKW em!" None of us had mics but once we heard that, we all had readied ourselves at the same time and knew what had to be done :) We all stuck together, at least 2 of us always had a pole/tire/ice cannister etc on hand. There were some crazy team combos going on too. Pretty much did what a team should do basically.

Despite all that though, they took the loss like f****** champs. None of them quit during the game and they said the had great fun even though they got slaughtered. Definitely one of the better games played online.
Can't spell ignorant without "IGN"!!!
3 years ago#6
masterdevil007 posted...

@ supersmashbrosf
Oh, never thought about that. Since the game is p2p, it SHOULD work in reverse, right? Suddenly I'm really looking forward to meeting Azayoi online. >;D

Yup when I did that I mad sure to always single him out of the group and made sure he didn't go on his long killstreaks, I even made him have more deaths then kills on more then one occasion.
3 years ago#7
I've played this guy before. He was fun to punish. :D

If he bothers you, then beware -- he's not the only Baron who is doing those tactics.
3 years ago#8
Case in point:

A user named "DarkSYA88" -- this douchebag uses Baron with a 1 bar connection + the Master Evader ability.. AND a turbo controller, lol. He should never be killed in this game, yet he was owned in Team Deathmatch by a well coordinated team (that I was lucky to be a part of).

That guy gives Azayoi nightmares.
3 years ago#9
Oh god, this guy. He's an absolute monster.

Break out the Judo Master when you see him.

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