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4 years ago#1
Hey all, I searched a bit but I couldn't find the answer to a few questions so sorry if these are repeats buuuut...

1) Does anyone know if they are going to patch out of Bayonetta's infinite? Also sort of in the same vein, are combos prorated (more damage in the first hits, less on the last)

2) Team chat, is there any? If not, then are there enough people on here to start a party chat and have a dam good time?

3) Anything else I should know before I drop a fat $100 (a little less, I know) for this?

Thank you all in advance for putting up with my long-winded questions

4 years ago#2
1) no ones sure if their gonna patch infinites or not since all we know it can be done only in training mode and cage match(which is vety hard to do if your fighting someone with lag).

2) the games online portion fills up like crazy atound night time i noticed . Well consitering in japan their daytime is our nightime which explain things, and for party chats, your gonna have to put in the effort in asking others if they want to. Just like any other game thats on psn, no one will cut their mics on unless someone else will if its not kids screaming, or music overplaying in the background.

3) The game in my opinion dispite its flaws is a dam good game for a very first online beat em up game. All we need left is for a certain company to make a urban reign 2 so we can have two beat em up games for this gen.
4 years ago#3
First off, thank you for the great response! I am so pumped to play this
Also, maybe I just hang out with the wrong people but... SOMEONE ELSE PLAYED URBAN REIGN? Yeeesssshhhhh. Yeah, Namco needs to get their butts in gear and make us a good beat'm up
4 years ago#4
Man... I miss fighting napalm 99 in urban reign :(
4 years ago#5
Add me to the urban reign fan club. I bought that game day one and refuse to get rid of it until its at least on the ps2 classics. It needs an HD remaster with online support.

Oh the memories of fighting Golem many many times.
PSN: Willie_Slackmer
4 years ago#6
Golem was brutal to beat in hard free mode since my cpu partner kepted dying :( i want a remastered one aswell with online support.
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