Preorder code coming as invalid

#31SevynePosted 1/8/2013 7:10:21 PM
This is really starting to piss me off. I'm really getting close to just returning the game.
#32OldAngryGamerPosted 1/8/2013 7:13:35 PM
Well, I'm in California and it's more than 2 hours past 4 pm PST and I am unable to use my code. This sucks.
#33GhostOfOdinPosted 1/8/2013 7:17:16 PM
Just tried. Not working, so I came here to see if others were having the same issue (I live in Texas)
#34terryxlrPosted 1/8/2013 7:19:50 PM
Just tried twice and got nothing. I'm in Maryland.
#35RHFPosted 1/8/2013 7:20:44 PM
BossSnake posted...
So what do we do contact Gamestop? Sega? Platinum Games?

I'm leaving comments on Sega's blog in regards to the game being out. I recommend others to do the same
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#36Robo_Deer_KingPosted 1/8/2013 7:23:40 PM
Not working for me...8:21 pm here in Texas, USA. I tried two hours ago, played some, tried again. The only reason I preordered it is Bayo...I had better get to play with her soon.
#37kingnukPosted 1/8/2013 7:24:11 PM
NYC...not working...
#38zeldashoPosted 1/8/2013 7:25:34 PM
I left them a message on Facebook as well, hope it gets a response.
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#39Dragodemon_XPosted 1/8/2013 7:25:53 PM
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#40sworderPosted 1/8/2013 7:26:11 PM
Someone's got twitter? I don't but maybe Sega can provide an answer there