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4 years ago#1
I got this today and am mostly getting my ass kicked.

I actually plated the old demo back when it was a thing and was pretty good at it, normally being top or second highest scorer, but now... not so much. The only character I can do good with is The Baron, but I think that's more because he's OP than anything else. Or he seems it. So much easier to win with him. Although saying that, I did get MVP, 11 kills and 0 deaths as Mathilda. Which is the best I've done since demo. As in the best today lol.

Far as I can tell everyone spams the fastest characters in the game along with 'Max'. Not really sure what I should do when they're faster than me, have better dodges/block forever (I think abilities are doing this. I only got the default abilities and my dodging is nowhere near as good as most others. I've seen someone stall an entire team to full HP by spamming dodge even, as the chick with the fans.)
I can't actually get many kills, since the enemies will stall/rampage me. For rampage all I seem to be able to do is spam my 360. People also kill steal all the damn time, but I expected that.

As far as I can tell 360 beats everything, but is easy to dodge, but can be used after being hit after someone dodged... this sounds like it should be simple to win over, but lag is making the 360 insanely annoying.
Could use a launcher. I think X, triangle is one but it takes me in the air and I find that annoying. I also think triangle alone may be one but I've not successfully used it once. Enemies always lol dodge spam lol better block than me lol dodge more lolololololol me when I try it.

I suppose I mostly want TDM advice since that seems to be all anyone plays... a shame since some of the other modes are cool.

Also wanna know, what the **** do I do in the football like match? Do I really just play football? I scored twice by accident when I played it (actually my first online game since the demo).

And is there any way to gain ranks faster? I need like rank 22 just to get the next set of abilities. Whatever those are. I'm rank 3 or so. Mostly because it seems to take longer to find a match than to play one.
4 years ago#2
All right, some genuine info for you since you're as likely to get meaningful insight from GameFAQs as Max is to die of natural causes, and because as a fellow guy who got zero information at all 'round here, let me give you the basic combat tutorial for Multiplayer.

1. On Netcode
Anarchy Reigns has notorious Netcode. Whilst it's nowhere near as bad as other legendary cork-ups like THQ's Space Marine or BioShock 2, it's still really bad and biased in favor of players with poor connections. This is especially noticable for the players who openly Lag Exploit (and you can instantly tell which ones are if they have 2 or less bars and are getting away with things like killing you when your Rampage is active or throwing you when you're about 20 feet away). A common refrain you will hear 'round here is that lag works 2 ways, but this is patently, undeniably wrong; the lag exploiters know how to play on their connections powered by rocks being banged together - you, however, most certainly will not. This thing does and will happen, and understanding it is a major part of learning to not hate this game.

2. On Faster Characters
Faster Characters - the three Rins, Bayonetta, and Sasha - are all the rage. Expect to see one in every match that is not Cage Match. This is because they have smaller hitboxes, easily combo, and have moves that leave them with almost no openings to exploit. They also have the fastest run speeds, easy-to-time 360' attacks, and are extremely accessible to newcomers. If you were to play against such an opponent with Guard Master equipped, you can see openly that there are precious few openings for any sort of offense, and they can relentlessly combo until you either find a way to counter or they break your guard.

Dealing with faster characters is tricky, but not impossible - when dealing with them in a one-on-one scenario. In truth, these characters generally do comparatively poor damage per-hit and aren't usually anything to worry about with experience. Sadly, they often are complete bastards and are just-as-often laggy as all hell, which feeds into the first issue.

3. On Slower Characters
Douglas is the most-commonly-seen heavy character, due to his huge damage, ease of using throws, and high defense. It's not even a contest; neither Bull, Garuda, or Gargoyle are anywhere near as common as Douglas is online. The biggest threats are his throws and HKW; learn to deal with these and he's honestly not all that bad compared to the endless attack spam of the lightweights.

3. Defense > Everything
Everything in this game is centered around defense, which is one major reason that every player and their mother who fights well in this game learns how to properly block and dodge. Note, however, that mastering every defensive technique the game has - blocking, dodging, 360' attacking, grab teching, etc - is purely at the mercy of lag.

One critical thing to note is that going into the air is never safe. Ever. Don't do it, or you're setting yourself up for easy deaths.

The game is infamous for, in the case of laggy players, deciding that - no, you with your perfect connection did not, in fact, tech that grab, or that despite dodging away from your opponent, the game will arbitrarily decide no, you didn't manage to evade that Fei Rin player's Killer Weapon despite the fact that she dived down about 20 feet from you. Even with this madness in mind, you need to learn to use defense to your advantage; Fight carefully and carefully time your attacks to make the most of what you can do. It takes time and practice, but you will find your enemies' weakpoints. A common refrain on this forum is to not use "unsafe moves," but against actual pros of this game, "unsafe moves" occupy about 70% of each character's move-list. The key is playing it by ear; against some players, poking works better; against others, a hit-and-retreat tactic is preferable, and others you can manage to defeat with a timely air-combo.
4 years ago#3
4. On Death
Contrary to what many on this site will tell you, Infinites are easy to perform and occur quite often. Moreover, air-combos are literally inescapable until the other player either screws up, gets bored, or kills you, making the air combo the game's number one source of both deaths and Rage. That this happens more often than not at the hands of the aforementioned Sasha/Rins/Bayonetta is a coincidence.

Air combo = death. Expect to get chained in the air until you die at least once a match unless fighting heavier characters. Rampage is the only thing that will save you.

Facing more than one enemy = death. Again, only Rampage will save you.

That said: You will die in this game. A lot. The only players that don't are either lag-exploiting dirtbags or players who have mastered the game so thoroughly using some other method that you may as well set your controller down and walk away for all the good your skills are going to do. Do NOT get discouraged by this. This game is relentlessly unforgiving and has a community that's as friendly to newcomers as Agent Orange is to ocular tissues, so it can be hard to see where the good is when there's a lot of raging idiocy to deal with online. Do not let it get to you. For every jackass exploiting lag with a Rin, there's a dude somewhere playing Jack who is just shaking his head in disgust. Mark my words.

5. On Death Ball
Most of the battle modes are self-explanatory. One exception is Death Ball, an awesome football/soccer hybrid with a dash of murder. The usual AR rules apply (I.E. Expect to see a Rin/Sasha/Bayonetta in every match), but the game plays very differently. When the game starts, the two teams have to rush for the glowing green football. The football is picked up if touched, and the carrier cannot use their full-speed run. If the player with the football is knocked down, they will drop the football and another player can pick it up. When a player on one team or another holds the ball long enough, the goal will open, and it falls upon the player to either run the ball into the endzone, or to kick it in by using a Killer Weapon attack. The ball can be stopped in the case of the latter by getting in front of it, blocking, and performing a quicktime event. You can kill enemy players, but all it does is take them out of the match for about 10 seconds. Score is what's important in Death Ball, and the team with the most points at the end of the match wins.
4 years ago#4
Thanks very much man. Great info.

I've noticed the lag is... ridiculous. Just insanely bad. I had me and 3 allies all hitting one guy (who was at level 3) who simply walked backwards and guarded while occasionally dodging. He got from near death to full health. We threw items at him, I used Matilda's fully charged weapon, we grabbed him... nothing worked. He'd break the grab, guard the KW and anything else we did, then when nearly broke he'd just dodge once and be fine. It's at this point that it stops being fun. I think it was thanks to his ability 'master guarder' or something similar. Which, since I don't have it, I can only assume makes you outrageously hard to break the guard of.

I really wish people would play that Death Ball mode more, since it's the only mode I've seen which disabled abilities. Was much more enjoyable over-all. Team death match may be more fun when I also have OP abilities, but currently it's more tedious than anything. So much stalling.

I think in Death Ball I actually just threw the ball in... I assume it's the same effect though (A spiffy animation and the ball flies off. Or two balls in the case of the samurai fellow)
4 years ago#5
I would help post tips but I find TC's excessive and ignorant use of the term "spam" annoying.

Faster Characters - the three Rins, Bayonetta, and Sasha - are all the rage. Expect to see one in every match that is not Cage Match. This is because they have smaller hitboxes, easily combo, and have moves that leave them with almost no openings to exploit. They also have the fastest run speeds, easy-to-time 360' attacks,

Every character in the game has easy combos none of them are particularly hard to do (excluding infinites). Moves that leave almost no opening? Which moves are you referring to? Easy to time 360s?

I don't even see why you've put Sasha on that list, yeah she's a lightweight character, but she has potentially the worst 360 attack and where are her moves that leave no opening to exploit?

Not to mention Bayonetta's is punishable on whiff and on block.

I hope you're not referring to the Rins when you're talking about easy infinites requires a strict timing to actually set it up. Especially when you make such a comment as they "are just-as-often laggy as all hell". Lag completely screws up the timing.
The console with the greater spec generally loses.
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4 years ago#6
Spam spam spam.

Spam spam.


*Spam's Baron KW*


Seriously though, this elitist attitude is why this game is so dead.
4 years ago#7
Arc166 posted...
Spam spam spam.

Spam spam.


*Spam's Baron KW*


Seriously though, this elitist attitude is why this game is so dead.

Man's right. Learn from him.
4 years ago#8
Also, may aswell close this. I got what I wanted from Jaimas and looking through other topics shows me that all anyone else ever does is make claims of how good they are, insult people for not knowing how to do everything or just generally be *****.

Since making this topic, and only playing the game thrice, I've got a kill streak of 21 with Baron. Good enough.

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