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3 years ago#1
Here's a fun little topic to discuss which characters you like to pick the most in multiplayer. :)

I'll start:

1) BLACKER BARON: I like to dress him in purple and remind myself of Saints Row The Third. Also, fire is my favorite element. Also: golden bird statues as bracelets.

2) DURGA: he's fast, and I like fast characters. I like the whole cat-cyborg hunter theme he's got. Too bad for his annoying voice (no matter which language you choose).
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3 years ago#2
My Top 3 in descending order

1) Jack Cayman
Yeah, he isn't exactly the best character to choose, especially online, but he's a personal favorite of mine. Plus, he is one of the reasons I even bought this game in the first place (and reprising voice actor Steve Blum) since Madworld is one of my favorite Wii games of all times (though that's not saying much when there's only like 20 good games out of all the shovelware).

2) Fei Rin
She's hot, she's got flashy moves, and she's my favorite of all the Rin sisters; why not?

3) Gargoyle
Love Garuda and all, but since he has about as much personality as a rank and file Gargoyle, I might as well pick the original. Plus, his mutant execution is pretty dope.
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3 years ago#3
Having owned the game for 2 days, I haven't found a third favorite yet. I'm leaning for Max, but we'll see.
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3 years ago#4
Lun-Sei posted...
Having owned the game for 2 days, I haven't found a third favorite yet. I'm leaning for Max, but we'll see.

Well, there ARE 16 characters (Bayonetta and maybe Gargolye excluded) so you're bound to have a few favorites
"You gotta share; you gotta care." - Pinkie Pie
3 years ago#5
Oinkie because, bacon. Also the fact its the closest thing to playing a mutant. Plus, purple costume = HULK KARATE CHOP
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3 years ago#6
I have reasons for everyone starting with my #1:

BARON: Flying Headbutt and dropkicks...I'm not even kidding. Man of simple tastes. Those things made me use him after watching the trailers, never been a boxer(or kicker) guy. Also, he wears bright orange by default.
OINKIE: Honestly should be my #1 fav. Everything about him is great, funny look, awesome fighting style(straight Karate ftw) fantastic Killer Weapon. And Bacon.
MATHILDA: Like her less elegant fighting style compared to the rest of the women(sprinter run dash attack) Hell, she punches in Rampage. Bats are fun weapons and she's shiny. Her shades are a nice touch.
BIG BULL: BIG F**KIN HAMMER! Adding to that opposite to Mathilda I like his very elegant fighting style because it's pretty unexpected. It puts him at the top of the Big Guys for me. Gotta love the bull puns, also voiced by Thor.
NIKOLAI: Wasn't hooked until I got the game, but he's very cool. Psycho Crusher is fun to use out of nowhere. And the Tesla Blitz animations are really sweet.
3 years ago#7
1) Garuda. I like mechs a LOT, so this guy would no doubt be my favorite character to play as. He also has drills. Do they pierce through the heavens, or do a Giga Drill Breaker? Hmm... No, sadly... But they are still awesome. Also he somewhat plays like a Jack mech from Tekken.

2) Zero. As much as I love mechs, I also enjoy robotic ninjas. That and his blades aren't enhanced by some nano machines or tech or whatever, although I could be wrong on this... Regardless, he's cool. TOTALLY not Raiden by the way, NOPE. I am on the fence though if Zer0 from Borderlands 2 is actually a ripoff of Zero, cause MY GOD that's a coincidence.

3) Mathilda, DAT ASS.
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3 years ago#8
Ai Rin

Short hair, awesome combos, awesome design, and a female.
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3 years ago#9

1) Rin Rin because using razor sharp fans as a weapon and you can throw it?! of course ill use her xD besides, I have a high feeling shes not used that much online C:

2) Sasha because using ice spikes as weapons is pretty sick plus... shes hawt lol

I originally would choose Bayonetta but I can't use her anymore due to problems xD but if I did have her shed be number one, using huge hands and feet is godly awesome! ! :D
3 years ago#10
1. Rin Rin: I just love her killer weapon and design.

2. Sasha: Love her design and killer weapon as well, a little bit weak in terms of some moves that leave her wide open.

3. Max: Cool moveset.

4. Leo: I like his design better than Max, but feel his moveset is kinda "lacking", simple.

5. Durga: Really great design, but I can't play that well with him.
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