Why do people complain so much about Bayo's j.KWHA glitch?

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ObLiViOn418 posted...
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Wandertot posted...
Due to lag tech rolling out of the HKW was almost impossible.

Wait... what?

If you eat the jKWL you will eat the follow-up HKW. You can't techroll between the two.

I hope you realize he was talking about Baron's HKW, and not Bayonetta's j.HKW.

Nah hes right I meant the j.HKW, I thought it was obvious when talking about the glitch.
#32Zero254Posted 2/8/2013 6:30:07 PM
If you see a bayo jumping towards you

Roll directly at her and then toss her when she is on the ground.

Free ground throw thats sets up for some chasing.

They will almost always wait for you to turn around and then pursue you.

You have to fight them like you would a fly.
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Even in a four bar connection, the hit box lingers for way too long. Good chances are you will get stunned if you do a light, if you wait too late they will tech roll.

Was testing with my friend. Pretty hilarious.
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