Thinking of buying... can you set up offline matches with bots?

#1YamatoShogunPosted 2/9/2013 9:46:45 PM
#2sin_shenronPosted 2/9/2013 9:48:50 PM
Yes you can
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#3Crystal_DreamPosted 2/9/2013 10:07:59 PM
Yes, you can either
-Go to Private match and set up to 8 bots (online required, should be able to invite players)
-Go to Training Mode > Simulation and set up to 15 bots (though only 1 game type supports 16 players; completely offline)
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#4Lun-SeiPosted 2/10/2013 2:08:53 AM
Yes, you can. You can also invite friends to play with you online, and fill the remaining empty spots with bots.

Personally, though, I find playing with people funnier than playing with bots.... yeah, it's also much more annoying and spam-ful, but no AI can compete with human brains!
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#5YamatoShogun(Topic Creator)Posted 2/10/2013 2:33:16 AM
Thanks, I will be picking this up soon then! The bots will come in handy when the online community eventually fades away.