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Bayonetta codes are pre order (first run) only right? (Archived)FreeRangers37/4/2012
Bayonetta code is printed inside the box (Archived)
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Did anybody anarchy reigns for 360 ship already/gamertag? (Archived)goku25252587/4/2012
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Final question before i pay Ami Ami (Archived)
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Any way to Trigger event in the demo? (Archived)UnusEratum27/3/2012
So is Leo the worst character so far? (Archived)
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playasia charged me (Archived)
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is play asia emailing you it got shipped or what? (Archived)
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Easy to play online for those of us who are importing the game? (Archived)Justice9840537/3/2012
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Is this just an Arena Fighting game or is it like Dark/Demon Souls? (Archived)
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Playasia is packing my order right now (Archived)
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You can pre-oder the game from for the 6th of july. (Archived)Qc8987/3/2012
I burnt myself out on this game with the demo. (Archived)
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Who are you gonna try first? (Archived)
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