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5 years ago#1
I just finished and while I feel I got my moneys worth I'm not 100% happy with it.

Complaints - The game started very quickly, but not in a good way like 2 did.
I was very disapointed with Gabes death, after mashing a button to keep from dieing you die anyway.

Compliments - Pretty good gameplay, the gunship batle was interesting.
Story was intreguing and continued the wii story. I'm very curiouse about the men in white.

Happy Kitty Is Happy
5 years ago#2
i also liked the gunship bit it had a sort of pseudo cover system which i always like.
the helmet is really koolies, my second fav (hacker love)shame about its compatibility with isaac.

the men in white are established some more in the animated stuff, if your intrigued.

oh what i think was done alot better than the main game was the stalker room.
you had no corner to hide in and really you really truly got flanked proplies.
5 years ago#3
When I re-did the last save point fror a trophy I killed NOTHING in that room I sprinted for the power block, grabbed it, shot it over the wall, and ran
Happy Kitty Is Happy
5 years ago#4
i don't know if anyone noticed this...
but that room is the same as where chapterē starts for gabe.
with just a chopped up hanger bay area. even more recycling.

anyway, that was the only instance that you couldn't funnel the stalkers.
it was probably the way they intended them to be fought.

i like that sometimes when you bump into one that's trying to hide it sorta runs away.
but ya, running through that room is smart.
5 years ago#5
I hate those things in impossible. They make me want to punch babies
Happy Kitty Is Happy
5 years ago#6
oh and i have to ask, twitchers?
5 years ago#7
Eh, the twitchers wern't that bad this time imo
Happy Kitty Is Happy
5 years ago#8
i gess not.

i think i'm the only one who cares...
did you think bartlet sounds alot like jeff bridges?
5 years ago#9
I wasnt expecting anything grand so i loved the hell out of severed. Made me all sorts of happy. And killing the main character? Takes some balls. I'm glad someones offing their chars. Resistance had the balls to do that too.
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