Why did this game get such low scores?

#1Noctus3Posted 4/26/2012 5:09:37 PM
Seriously, I hear its awesome, yet the scores are pitiful. Whats up with this game? The consensus has never been so confusing in my life. I don't know if I should get this game or not. Maybe I should stick with Xenoblade. Not getting TLS because I've been told its story is generic.

So, please help explain things to me. Tell me the games strengths and weaknesses. Thanks in advance!
#2bond007106Posted 4/26/2012 5:26:45 PM
I think 'pitiful' is being rather over-dramatic. It has a Metacritic average of 74. That's hardly pitiful.
#3BeanBeanKingdomPosted 4/26/2012 5:33:57 PM
Honest answer? There are no good reasons. It's a great game technically speaking (both graphically and sound-wise), the concept behind the gameplay may sound frustrating but it's made a non-issue by an array of Xenoblade-style smart design choices and the only thing I can see why people would call a flaw are the fixed camera angles... Although the game would have a completely different (and probably not as good) atmosphere without them. Still, one can get annoyed by those, but definitely not enough to justify all the 7s. The plot is interesting and the whole thing plays like Castlevania + Zelda + Ico + Shadow of the Colossus with multiple endings.

And yeah, it's better than The Last Story, despite everyone (who hasn't played it) deeming it the lesser of the three Nintendo RPGs.
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#4SilbePosted 4/26/2012 7:38:06 PM
It is definitely better than TLS. I liked TLS, it was nice but it was very generic. Nothing i hadn't seen before. Xenoblades is a great game but it also has it's lengths' and the sidequests are boring. The question ist not "is PT better than XYZ?" but "Is PT a good game?"
Yes ist is! The graphics may be only average and the camera angles sometimes suck, but the story and characters are great! The relationship between the main characters grows, the way the story is told is fantastic, the bits and pieces of background information about the curse and the history of the warring nations you find throughout the game are really interesting. I even love the gameplay and i usually hate time limits, but the towers are interesting, the fighting is not too complex but fun and especially the chain is great. It really does feel a lot like a mix of ICO and Zelda.
I have no idea why the scores are rather average. Yeah sure, a 7 or 7.5 is not bad but it's not good either. Maybe it depends on the expectations? PT is not a JRPG, it's an Action Adventure, some of the reviewers found that rather confusing. :p
#5MidgardDragon99Posted 4/26/2012 10:15:35 PM
I've been trying to figure this out too. People keep saying it's the least of the three, with Last Story being better, but from what I've played of TLS this is absolutely better. It's not gotten awful scores but you must admit the 7's seem rather unfair. This game seems to warrant at least an 8+, and it definitely deserves better than TLS.

I can only guess that it's because it's not a JRPG, while the other two OpRainfall games were, and that's what people went into this game expecting it to be. Meanwhile it turned out to be an adventure game with great dungeon mechanics, decent fighting, and an engrossing relationship between the two main characters. For me finding out this was that and not a JRPG just meant a shift in perspective, not a decision that this game wasn't as good as a JRPG could be, but it seems like for a lot of the reviewers that's exactly what it meant.
#6zeroxtrlPosted 4/26/2012 11:06:54 PM
I'm nearly same opinion like my forposters PT is better as The Last Story beside The Last Story wasssss to easy if you leveled just for a little on the red circle you were absolutly over powered no tactics or anything was necessary just run through.

Pandora Tower is nice love the relationship thing rmeinds me on Harvest Moon, the Towers are really nice and you get mindfooled by them later *g*

The Camera well for me it doesn't suck it's ok I can life with it also you get surprised by monster in this way that you usually would see makes it more interesting i think.

BUY IT! really I bought the Last story and it was not the money worth sadly, but Pandora's was it absolutly!
#7piffle_princessPosted 4/26/2012 11:16:35 PM
Same deal in Japan, which I've said multiple times on GameFAQs, but this game got mediocre critical reviews and excellent user reviews. I think a lot of the tepid scores you're seeing are due largely to the fact that critics tend to rate games based on hype and readers' expectations... and expectations for this game were extremely low.

This game is really good, as a lot of posters have pointed out. It's not Game of the Century, but it's good. That said, you still might not enjoy it. You might agree with the critics and find it mediocre, as some people have. Not because it's bad, but because peoples' preferences are different from one person to the next. Which is why reviews and scores are arbitrary and pointless, and why the only way to know if you'll enjoy it is to play it yourself.

Like you, I used to let that kind of stuff dictate my own gaming preferences. I read all the bile and vitriol on the TLS board (back when it first came out in Japan, so over a year ago) and let it colour my opinion of the game, even though I hadn't played it at the time. Hearing all those bad things about it lowered my expectations (though admittedly, I never bought into the hype to begin with) to the point where I put TLS on the back burner and didn't touch it until after I beat PT six months later.


I was blown away.

I REALLY enjoyed it, so much so that I was angry with both the TLS board for letting the petty nitpicking get out of hand, and with myself for buying into the bad press without having certified it for myself.

There are things I don't like about TLS (the explanation for the origin of the Gathering and its lack of proper foreshadowing made it seem like it came out of left field, and the last boss' motivation was just so weak and similarly lacked the foreshadowing to make it believable), but the graphics, music, combat and dialogue are all superb. ESPECIALLY the combat and dialogue, which made TLS just slightly more enjoyable to me than PT (and that's no small feat, because I LOVED PT). In the end, I found the two games to be roughly equally enjoyable, for entirely different reasons (PT has a very original story and the dating sim aspect is very well done).

I guess this comes off as pretty preachy and maybe like a sales pitch for TLS, but it's not. The point is to play the games YOU have an interest in. Letting others' preferences dissuade you from trying something might deprive you of something you may very well enjoy.
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#8nugroPosted 4/27/2012 12:20:41 AM
If you like Zelda platforming aspect and especially the grapple and hook bit, then you'll love this game and at least compared to Twilight Princess, this game has more interesting boss battle and many one at that . One of the more satisfying game on the genre imo.
#9derrick112Posted 4/28/2012 5:49:58 AM
I honestly think most reviewers have probably played around 1-2 hours, (just my guess) and of course judging it in this short amount of time will not be appealing to a lot of gamers because it does seem like a lesser clone like other games people have mentioned above. So in a way they will be missing out on a lot of the content\story because it is played\dealt out slowly and also maybe the time limit puts people off.

But from what I've seen though the time limit has not been a gimmick they just added for fun because their is a lot of new interactions to be had with Elena when you return to your base. Of course there's the occasional repeated lines but I can honestly say I'm amazed at the different amount of conversations you can have and also the many locations she will be at during the differing times of the day. This aspect reminds me a lot of the harvest moon\rune factory games with only one girl but a LOT more content. I am honestly amazed at the amount of new things she has to say and that in a way makes up for the time limit in my mind. I can understand people being frustrated if you had to return and face the same conversations\settings but in this case it seems like there is always something new to experience.

I think many people have just jumped on the bandwagon and rode the game down without even playing the game but only knowing the basic concepts which honestly I can say sounds unappealing but its just something you have to experience yourself. So for all the people thinking about buying the game seriously "JUST DO IT" because it's honestly a breath of fresh air and as you can see, a lot of level headed people above me have enjoyed it as well.

Well there's my 2 cents and usually I don't post so much but in a ways I feel that I have to let people know because it feels like this is one of the biggest cases of a really great UNKNOWN game being judged on by it's cover without people actually experiencing it.
#10ramseanPosted 4/28/2012 11:36:55 AM
I think the reason is that before release people were describing it as a devil may cry clone. So most major review outlets probably gave it to the person on their team who really liked devil may cry/bayonetta. If they'd have given it to the guy who liked shadow of the colossus/castlevania the reviews scores would have been completely different.
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