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3 years ago#1
I beat the game and got the S ending but i have a couple of questions.
The Top Boss ist one of Aerons ancestors from 500 years ago and not fifty, right? But when were the other masters created? 500 years or 50? And what exactly caused the cataclysm 50 years ago?
Do i have to beat the boss again for every other ending? It was quite a long fight........:/
3 years ago#2

The woman (let's call her Zeron, even though that's probably just her name as thirteenth master, not her original name) was Experiment Zero from 500 years ago. The twelve members of the Vessel were to be turned into Masters to uphold the Laws of Aios and Zeron was supposed to unify them into a single one to stop the war (presumably by way of Elyria claiming to have godly powers as a deterrent towards the other nations of Impyria). Experiment Zero failed because Zeron was pregnant with another child and the Vestra were forced to abort the experiment and use the Oraclos Chain to seal the completed twelve Masters and the incomplete Zeron. 50 years ago, the Elyrian military started using the towers for military purposes and created twelve Masters based on the ones from 500 years ago. Because of this, the original twelve Masters and Zeron, who were sealed in the Other World beneath the towers, became enraged (Zeron explains this in Ending A) and caused the Cataclysm, opening the Scar and thus the passage between the normal and the Other World. The military abandoned the towers and the spirits of the old Masters possessed the new ones in order to free themselves from being sealed in the Other World (but still couldn't leave the towers). Zeron tried to complete Experiment Zero herself and to do so, she needed to reunite the twelve laws by eating the flesh of all the Masters. That's why she began cursing people, possessing them and using their bodies to gain a physical presence in the world. Mavda brought the cursed people to the thirteenth towers over the years and granted them the Oraclos Chain to defeat the Masters and restore its power (which was lost sealing each of them) so that the Scar could finally be closed, but no-one managed to before Aeron and Elena, because Aeron's ancestors were used in the experiment. As for Zeron wanting to become one with Aeron, that's because even after eating all the Master flesh and gaining physical form, Experiment Zero wouldn't be complete until she united with her husband, since the unified law had to contemplate both light (man) and dark (woman) and both of them were to be used to create the Master. Hope it's clear...

You need to beat the final boss only on endings S, A and B. You get a stripped-down version of it on ending C (with just two attacks) and no final boss on ending D.
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3 years ago#3
Thanks! Now that cleared things up!
I guess i have to fight the boss two more times, hopefully it will be more fun next time. :P
3 years ago#4
Well levelling up and wearing items that increase chain power will speed it up as well as bringing items that instantly fill up the chain chaarge.
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