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3 years ago#1

I thought the gameplay was pretty good. A little clunky, but good overall. The x-ray/slow-mo killshots and wounds (much like Red Dead Redemption) left on enemies are pretty cool. Customizable difficulties/realism is a nice feature and the graphics are definitely superior to the console versions. Though the anti-aliasing is terrible even on High. I run the game maxed at a constant 60fps (With vsync) with one GTX 460 FTW. But I think they picked a horrible level for the demo. It seems like it would be the weakest level of the game. Or, I fear, that it may be on par with the rest of the game. It just seems so bland and boring. I'd give the demo a 6.5/10 (realistic score, not a typical "8.0+ score or it sucks!" reviewer kind of score). If the rest of the game contains better levels and more fun to be had, then i can see my score going to a 7.5, maybe an 8.

3 years ago#2
I thought it was great. The original Sniper Elite was rougher around the edges than this, and I loved it, so I'll be getting this one.
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3 years ago#3
I think it has the right idea, but the demo is way too linear. Have you ever played Hidden & Dangerous? It's much more open. You have your mission and your map and you basically figure out the best way to go about completing it. This game is just a go head, kill these guys, go here, kill these guys, go here, blow this up. I can't open doors or make my way to that other building that looks like a good spot. I have to go the way the developers want me to go. Total shame.
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3 years ago#4
Hidden and Dangerous 2 is one of my all time favourites, [the 1st being a bit buggy ... dry understatement]. An open world like that with this gameplay would be a wonderful thing.

Having said that, have enjoyed the demo, am very happy that Rebellion have been brave enough to release a demo where most companies these days won't, under the reasoning that it provides pirates with code to crack the full game. Funny thing is they do that wether there's a demo or not ... just gives companies a reason to be lazy.

Will be buying this when it's released.
3 years ago#5
pre-ordered it not knowing it hasnt come out yet lol
im looking forward to playing this game a lot.
I really do hope, like teh above poster said, that it is less linear than the demo, but i can see why theyd make a demo this way just to get you used to killin dudes and using the weapons and whatnot
3 years ago#6
I like the sniping. But like others have said, the demo is too linear. I hope the full game is more open. I'm surprised how good performance is, but there were also way too many jaggies, I had to turn on FXAA in the Nvidia control panel to make the game look somewhat better.
3 years ago#7
Enemy snipers have poor aim -- you can sideways strafe in front of an enemy sniper 150m for about a minute before they hit you.

Enemy soldiers are also rather terrible at close-range combat.

This is all on the hardest difficulty setting.
3 years ago#8
I had the opposite problem - at several points I got shot by snipers through a wall while I was for sure out of their line of sight.
"I just wasted a bullet. Don't waste your life." -Big Boss
3 years ago#9
It is mediocre. Sniping guys is insanely fun but the game is far too easy. You can take a million shots before dying, You reload so fast you might as well be firing a semi-auto, and the focus mode is really a super power mode where you go into slow-mo so you don't have to worry about the enemy moving too quickly. Also as others have said the game is too linear...
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3 years ago#10
The weapons as they are now are kind of silly. Inaccurate enemy snipers, SMG's that are accurate from over 100 meters, and the rest of the weapons (apart from the Springfield) feel weak and unexciting. The physics can be weird at times. Euphoria would be so perfect in this game...

Karl's character design is awesome though, animations are neat. Karl actually has hips. They swivel! Not much to say about stealth so far, I don't think you could actually take everyone one without alerting others but I haven't given that a serious try. Tried to mask gunshots with background noise, but I haven't done it successfully yet.
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