How Do I Access the Kill Hitler Mission?

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3 years ago#1
I pre-ordered the game to get the Kill Hitler Mission, but I can't find it in the Mission select. I completed the game, but nothing about the bonus mission has come up. Ideas?
3 years ago#2
Go to single player and its under the challenge menu. You'll get normal challenges then the Hitler one is an option.
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3 years ago#3
Is it called Kill Hitler? All I see under challenge are Kill Tally and Kruezberg Headquarters. Should there be a third challenge?
3 years ago#4
Scroll to left or right ...
3 years ago#5
Finally found the mission. The addition of the Kill Hitler mission has sparked some controversy. Some have said that it's inclusion is in poor taste; that may be so, but it is damned fun to play! It is one of those missions that can replayed over many times. Hitler is well protected.
3 years ago#6
I have completed all 3 levels of kill tally, but the Hitler mission "or any other mission" does not pop up, so should i have bought the pre order edition to get Hitler mission?
3 years ago#7
Yes, you had to pre-order to get the Kill Hitler mission. They may release it later as DLC, and it is well worth it; the longer you take to actually kill Hitler, the more reinforcements he receives including a tank. Eventually he breaks for the departing train; that is your last chance to get a killing shot.
3 years ago#8
I'm awful at the game. I managed to get the final shot off as he was making a break for his escape. I hit him a couple times before that but nothing fatal. The final hit went right in his arse.
3 years ago#9
Finally got the kill shot on Hitler. It was VERY satisfying. That is a very tough mission. Have played through the whole game twice now, and I am on the third play. My favorite mission is still the Gunter Kriedel convoy mission. Planting the satchel charges. Laying mines and tripwires. Setting the dynamite to be detonated by the mines and tripwires. It is the one mission where you get to use the whole bag of tricks. I do hope they support this game with some DLC. I would like to see more missions added to this game before they do a V3.
3 years ago#10
Poor taste? Shooting HITLER is considered poor taste?
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