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5 years ago#1
World 5
1) Shortly after getting the Boomerang Suit, take out the 2 cacti. Go left and see a pipe hidden in the wall. Jump in and 1st star coin is at the ledge of the top row of blocks.
2) As you ascend the pathway up, there is 2 thwomps with tails. Get on the second one and jump up to get the 2nd Star Coin. After that, enter the door and get the half-way marker.
3) After you enter the door, the platform rises with spike balls coming to and fro. Step on the p-switch, get the 5 red coins to get a Boomerang Brother suit. Throw a boomerang to the right when you see the 3rd Star Coin.

1) Go to the circular room with the rotating spike chains. Stand in the middle of spike chain. Crouch jump down to the little ledge that is out. Star Coin #1 is there.
2) Go right from the 1st Star Coin. In this room, there is a coin block that spits out 5 coins. Sticking with the Zelda theme, take Fire Mario and light the 4 torches in the corner to open the locked door. Enter to get some extra time and the 2nd Star Coin. Go back 2 to the left, up in the circular room for half-way point.
3) At the end of the rolling spike chain, the entry to the next area is on the right. The 3rd Star Coin is at the very top. Jump to get Star Coin #3.

5-3: 40 Star Coins to unlock
1) After half-way point, there is a series of dropping platforms. Then you reach a swinging blue platform with the first Star Coin on top of its axis.
2) Keep on progressing forward. You reach a wooden pole. Climb to the top of the wooden pole, face right, and jump onto rainbow musical box. 2nd Star Coin at end of bonus area.
3) Immediately after, you will reach a point where 2 yellow platforms move forward, ascending and descending around spiked blocks and spiked chains. Hang to the left, and see the 3rd Star Coin to the left hand side. Jump for it, grab it, and quickly move up the falling yellow platforms, as the original 2 platforms get their quickly.

1) After the first set of moles, there is a hidden set of 3 coin blocks. Hit it, jump on top, and get the first coin.
2) From the first coin, head right and jump up. Now you can go up again or duck down. Duck down to get the second Star Coin.
3) Near the End, keep moving Right and run past 3 moles, but do not go up toward the 5 pipes. Sink down and the middle ledge leads to the 3rd Coin. There is Extra time on the bottom ledge. Then Wall jump back up to reach the 5 pipe area. Go in the 4th pipe to lead to the flagpole. A trick I use here for the pole using Boomerang Mario is to get to the top ledge after jumping up using the mole. Go all the way to the left. Press L and R to build stream, hit X to roll, and at the end of the ledge, hit A to jump off and on top of the pole.
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5 years ago#2
1) After you progress up the stage a bit, you go past a long chain of goombas head to head to a giant Goomba. Stomp the Giant goomba, and to the left is a valley with coins and the last one is the first Star Coin. Descend to it and use Propeller Mario to get back up. Get to Half-way marker.
2) After the Half-way marker, There is a set of 3 bouncy platforms. Jump on the one closest to you and out toward the 2nd Star Coin. Hit A for a boost to get some air. As you descend catch the edge of the 2nd Star Coin and go back to the first bouncy platform. Jump to the left bouncy platform and ascend up.
3) As you approach the final part of the map, get over to the p-switch to the left. If unleashes the musical notes (donít have to get them, but follow the path). The path ends at a bouncy platform. Jump from the bouncy platform toward the 3rd Star Coin. Get it and land on the last bouncy platform, jump from this and propel toward the flagpole.

5-Bowser Castle: Need 50 Star Coins to Unlock
1) Come to 3 Thwomps. 1st Star Coin on top of Second Thwomp.
2) Immediately after getting the 1st, jump on the fire breathing monster and jump 45 degrees to the beginning of the chained platforms progressing forward for the 2nd Star Coin. Progress until to you reach the half-way point.
3) After looking at the periscope, move left past 2 thwomps. The 3rd medal is at the end of the moving platforms. Make sure to jump at a 45 degree angle from the sinking platform toward the 3rd Star Coin and onto the stable platform.
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