Name all your fighters in every game :D

#101ViktormorosPosted 4/19/2012 1:36:26 PM
SF 2: Ryu
SF3: Q
SF4 AE: T.Hawk
MK9: Noob Saibot, Sub-Zero, Cyber Sub-Zero
Soul Calibur 4: Guy with the scythe
Melty Blood: Mech Hisui
Guilty Gear Accent Core: May
BlazBlue CSE: Mu-12
UMVC3: Frank West, Deadpool, Dr. Doom
Skullgirls: Peacock
DoA Dimensions: Kasumi
SSBM: Jigglypuff, Ness
SSBB: Jigglypuff, Sonic, R.O.B.
SFxTekken: Pacman, Megaman, Ryu, Kazuya
#102Semi45aPosted 4/19/2012 1:38:28 PM
You all forgot to list your mains in Aquapazza!
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#103SmokeRyuPosted 4/19/2012 2:50:23 PM

MK9: Mileena and Smoke

SfxT: Cammy, Poison and Juri.

UMvC3: Hulk/Nova/Skrull

SF4: Cammy

Don't have this game yet but when I do I wanna main Filia I think.

#104arstosPosted 4/19/2012 3:44:55 PM
AngelicLove posted...

I hope I can remember it all...


just had to rub that one in eh?

i hate white trash megaman

wheres my legends 3 capcom >_<

Semi45a posted...
You all forgot to list your mains in Aquapazza!
not out yet, how could we?
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#105Phoenix6248Posted 4/19/2012 3:51:57 PM
This game: Valentine

KOF13: K, King, and NEST Kyo

Mortal Kombat: Undecided

Blazblue: Jin

MvC3: Spencer, Captain America, X-23

Arcana Heart 3: Haven't played it a lot to know my favorite

SF3: Sean
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#108slicer4545Posted 4/19/2012 8:54:00 PM(edited)
Out of boredom..
EDIT: Triple post. My phone is brilliant.

MvC2 - Cammy, Gambit, Collosus
MvC3 - Viewtiful Joe, Ryu, Sentinel
UMvC3 - Morrigan, Doctor Doom, Viewtiful Joe
TvC - Chun Li, Ryu, Megaman Volnutt
SF3S:OE - Ibuki
SF4 - Cammy
SSF4 - Cammy, Ken
SSF4:AE - Cammy
SFxT - Cammy, Zangief
SSBM - Marth
SSBB - Marth, Pikachu
Dissidia - Squall, Onion Knight
JUS - Raoh, Gohan
MK3 - Sub Zero
MK9 - Mileena
SCII - Link, Talim
SCIII - Talim
SCIV - Talim, Kilik
SCV - Natsu
KOFXIII - Elisabeth, King, Clark
Pocket Fighter - Morrigan
Skullgirls - Parasoul, Filia
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#109Delano7Posted 4/19/2012 8:56:12 PM
BlazBlue: Jin, Ragna, Tager, Bang (in order of f***s given and general skill)

Skullgirls: Valentine, learning Peacock.
#110LOSTLEAD8RPosted 4/19/2012 9:44:31 PM

Aplha 3 - Karen

SSF2THD : Cammy

SF3: Dudley

SSF4: C.Viper

Soul Calibur II: Link / Cassandra

Soul Calibur III / IV: Setsuka

SSB64: Link

SSBM: Shiek

SSBB: Shiek

Guilty Gear: Bridget

Blazblu: Nu / Lambda

Darkstalkers: B.B. Hood

MvC2: SonSon, Rougue, B.B.Hood

MvC3: Ammy, She-Hulk, Trish

TvC: Saki, Roll

Arcana Heart: Heart Aino

Skullgirls: Valentine

Shaqfu: Shaq