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3 years ago#1
I just made a PSN Textchat room for Skullgirls. I was one of the originals to make these types of chatrooms for the GFaqs SF4 community and it was very sucessful.

We can discuss and share tips for skullgirls there. Also we can setup friendly battles with eachother since there is no lobbies right now. The only rules are is to treat eachother with respect and to not spam the chat with nonsense chatter.

Leave your PSN name here so I can add and invite you to the chat if you like. You can also PM me and ask for an invite to the chat.

PSN: T_Tang
3 years ago#2
ID: CrossSlasher21

I'm in. Always down for some SG chat. Plus it'll be easier to make matches via a chat room.
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3 years ago#3
ID: Cephrien

I'm always up for a good chat. : D
3 years ago#4
I'm still learning, so I guess I'll let you beat me down...
PSN - shoryuken
3 years ago#5
ID: kazukifafner
3 years ago#6
psn = slaynman

More people to play skullgirls with, the better.
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Doing guard positions on TheReal_Seal since late 2010
3 years ago#7
Frantic Indestructible Zesty Indecisive Killer
3 years ago#8
ID crim73
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Sword Master, Afro Samurai
3 years ago#9
Thanks for all the replies. Feel free to add other SG players once you're in the chatroom. As long as they're well mannered people.
3 years ago#10
PSN: Mitsunari-Date
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