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peacock's steam roller should be an unblockable... (Archived)DJPLACE74/25/2012
They really need to nerf Marie A LOT. (Archived)
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we are the hornet bomber's the horny horny bombers!! (Archived)DJPLACE94/25/2012
I just got Peacock's intro to Fillia and I feel like an idiot -_- (Archived)
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Does Cerebella remind anyone else here of May from Guity Gear? (Archived)maniaxe61384/25/2012
EU release date May 2nd! (Archived)DRX77754/25/2012
Are the Americans catching up to the Japanese..... (Archived)
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is it just me or is valentine noticibly worse then everyone else? (Archived)
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Possible infinite blockstring? (Archived)DrkVrtx34/25/2012
How do you get Color 9? (Archived)Firsnachie54/25/2012
So what does Ms. Fortune do if you win with her head on? (Archived)Mega_Rat64/25/2012
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Coming to EU? (Archived)Kindertotenwald44/24/2012
Can ALL OTGs be avoided? (Archived)Mareg34/24/2012
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Polarizing game this is (Archived)
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What determines whether you can hit someone on the ground? (Archived)Meteorites44/24/2012
Anti infinite "burst attack" properties? (Archived)haku1084/24/2012
How do I avoid Peacock's HP Shadow of Impending Doom? (Archived)maniaxe61344/24/2012
Is it bad that Skullgirls taught me how to do 360s >_> (Archived)DragonPick64/24/2012