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PC Beta is released and yes, you can play as Squigly. Well, sort of. (Archived)maniaxe61397/7/2013
im calling it first (Archived)KingSpica37/5/2013
PC Beta Released~ (Archived)DiscoShark27/4/2013
quick Question for the donaters (Archived)KingSpica16/28/2013
Skullgirls being released in Japanese arcades. (Archived)
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Question to all donators Supporter tier and up... (Read the poll question) (Poll)J-Don-Bonne26/25/2013
This is how Robo-Fortune's story should be like (Archived)DrSurgeonGuy26/24/2013
Should they add future characters based on popularity? (Poll)
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There should just be a colour-edit mode instead of downloadable colours! (Archived)
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For Stanley fans.. (Archived)
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So would anyone like another alt. version of an existing character? (Archived)DrSurgeonGuy76/14/2013
Matches? (Archived)Ixion_noixi16/13/2013
Xbox360 Gamertag Exchange (Archived)travmank16/9/2013
Sometimes when i add fighting games players to my Friend List... (Archived)streetfighter7636/9/2013
Very basic Double Combo (Archived)
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Is Arcade Mode 2 player? (Archived)TheMetalGuy46/6/2013
Possible Easter Egg?? (Archived)cirquefreaque66/4/2013
Peacock/Val/Filia (Archived)xxterradarkxxx16/4/2013
Trying to get into this again...looking for friends (Archived)
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Val/Filia/X (Archived)xxterradarkxxx46/1/2013
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