This or split/second?

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3 years ago#1
I'm honestly not sure.
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3 years ago#2
Split/Second is MILES AHEAD of this rubbish. I hate this game, it ain't Ridge Racer that's for sure, not even close. Horrible gameplay. Hate it.
3 years ago#3

Split/second are shutting down their online servers 

So I would get RRU

3 years ago#4
I loved Split Second, but I like this about as much. I think with the track creator I like RRU more, although I wish it had split screen.
3 years ago#5
Download the Split/Second demo and try it out.. I tried it today and the mutliplayer is still open for some reason. I was in a full game of people too.
3 years ago#6

I didnt try this game but I played Split/second alot and I love this game. And for what I read for RRU, it seems split/second is a better game in almost every way.

(message deleted)
3 years ago#8
Split Second - it has split-screen play.

Nuff said.
3 years ago#9
? yeah because only decent games have split screen... c'mon.

imo this is better than split second. ss was a great game, but this is far more current and has a superb track editor.

ss is cheap now, if you can't afford rru just yet, go for ss. but i honestly think that rru is the better game.
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