Connection to EA server has been lost

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5 years ago#1
I'm constantly getting this error when searching for games (just installed the beta). Open NAT, etc. Anyone else have this problem?
5 years ago#2
I had that problem but I exited the beta and started it up again and have been able to play ever since.
5 years ago#3
Keep in mind I haven't gotten into a single game yet.
5 years ago#4
And thus the point of the beta comes into play. To test how many players can be on at once, and find more Bugs. *Sips Coffee* Shunt it be fixed by the release, i will behead my head. O_O
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5 years ago#5
I doubt it will be fixed by launch. Look how long it took them to fix BCFC 2 after it first came out. It was unplayable for quite some time. Wasn't it a couple weeks?
5 years ago#6
Don't worry about it, I got into a game (finally) and it is just constantly lagging really badly. Its nearly unplayable!
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5 years ago#7
Thanks for the exiting and going back into it tip, it worked. Upon going in, I didn't stay long. Lagged horribly and everyone on the other team sniped. Felt like BFBC2 all over again (at least the parts about it that I hated). Lame.
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