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4 years ago#1
I seem to have a lot of lag issues on this game, and I'm starting to think its my router. I mean my modem is 15 MBPS...that's decent I think.

I have a Netgear N series router that i Just bought a few months ago.

I'm wondering if my settings are off...any suggestions on how to improve performance?
4 years ago#2
I have a Netgear N series too. Are you using the server browser and not quick match? I play on East Coast servers most of the time, South I sometimes don't get full ping and West is too far away, I never play on them.

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4 years ago#3
Which N model is it? If it's a 150, there's your problem. They tend to send/receive packets of data from consoles VERY slowly. I have an N300+54 Modem/Router and it is lightning fast. I'm in Australia, and even with our lack of fibre optic cable I can pull 34mb/s download, and I'm with Internode (it also helps that I live 30 meters from the exchange).

I suggest an upgrade to your router. Anything below 300mbps is not suited to gaming at all.
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4 years ago#4
The router I have is a Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router...model WNDR3700.

I've tried countless searches over the internet to try and find out if there are some settings I need to change but to no avail. Part of the problem is that I'm not familiar with many of the terms being used...if I could get step by step instructions I could probably do it as I'm fairly tech saavy...just don't have a masters degree in it like many

I bought the router in question because it advertised that it was great for gaming with 300+ mbps being advertised.

My cable company upgraded my modem speed a while back from 10 to 15 mbps...I have pretty quick's just the Xbox Live that seems to be affected with BF3 being notorious for bad lag in some matches. I do indeed use the server browser as opposed to quick match.

It's frustrating because several people I know don't seem to have lag issues when playing this game.

Also, it should be noted that my Xbox is hardwired into the router itself so it's not a wireless signal issue.

Any other thoughts? I'm pretty desperate and I don't know where to turn.
4 years ago#5

I have the same router as you and I haven't had lag issues at all. I've used both a wired connection an wireless connection and the difference isn't noticeable while playing. I'm not sure if this has any effect but I do have it port-forwarded for xbox live.
4 years ago#6
Yeah I've looked into the port forwarding thing, but frankly it confuses me. I have a hard time finding a simple tutorial that I can understand.

I don't suppose you could walk me through how you did it so that I can do the same for my router?

It would be greatly appreciated.
4 years ago#7
When it comes to gaming:

1. Bandwidth grossly overrated

2. Ping >>>>>>>>>>>>> Bandwidth

3. More bandwidth does not mean a better ping.
4 years ago#8
Okay so what can I do to fix ping? Also can some one please tell me how to port forward for the Xbox??
4 years ago#9 maybe this will work...

PLEASE teach me how to port forward to the Xbox??
4 years ago#10
Make sure your NAT is open. I too have the netgear either 3500 or 3700. The issue I had was getting disconnected from XBL sometimes. Changing the security protocol fixed that for some reason. Other than that no lag issues

Find the model of your router by looking at the back of it and typing it into Google and add xbox live at the end. Also go into you Xbox system settings, select network and see the signal strength. I would link you but I'm posting from a phone
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