Post your favorite vehicle and the last thing you ate and drank today.

#11Inferno438Posted 4/30/2012 10:21:36 PM
Someone was bored
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#12KageNoSenshiPosted 4/30/2012 10:52:47 PM

Chicken sandwiches on multi grain bread / water
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#13codemaster88Posted 4/30/2012 11:46:43 PM

easy mac

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#14BISONCHEESEPosted 5/1/2012 12:24:28 AM
AngrySquid270 posted...
Skid Loader

Little Ceasars, Steel Reserve

I like the way this guy rolls....

Any jeep (with C4 on it)

Chicken apple sausage w/ Asparagus/Broccoli+an avocado/Atwater Vanilla Java porter.
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#15LoMNOMNOMDeerPosted 5/1/2012 1:04:15 AM
Super Hornet

Steak and an artichoke

Monster Energy
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#16Hambone40Posted 5/1/2012 1:21:03 AM
T-90 Double Patty Siwe Cheese Barbeque Sauce Hamburger, with Smoked Bacon
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#17stickyhamsterPosted 5/1/2012 2:37:06 AM
Kasatka AKA hovertank.

Chicken, brown rice, broccoli.

Sig. Yep.
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#18BeefBonesPosted 5/1/2012 3:27:29 AM
A-10, Macaroni and Cherry Coke
#19TepidisbackPosted 5/1/2012 4:30:08 AM
Super Hornet

Pineapple Kool-Aid
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#20plasmasunPosted 5/1/2012 7:59:35 AM

Yogurt and granola

Pint of Young's Double Chocolate Stout.

For breakfast.
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