I need ammo...

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3 years ago#1

I find that it works best, in hardcore, if you simply shoot your teammate in the head. Right after the fifth or sixth time you ask.
Jemas777, Just another guy...by AnyOLName.
3 years ago#2

*shoots support*
*takes kit and drops own ammo*
*takes back own kit and revives support*

Lol points for ammo AND resupply!!
"Thanks buddy!"
GT: psycho42069
Disclaimer: Everything posted by this account is pure fiction, and the ramblings of a maniac. NORF!!!
3 years ago#3
I was on Caspian Border Defending on Rush last night. The Attackers only advanced in vehicles so I used the Javelin. I single handedly stopped multiple vehicles from making to the mcoms. Then I ran out of rockets.

A Support guy runs by. GREAT! I press the back button and my dude yells for ammo. Many many times... I shoot the guy. He looks at me. Finally he gets the point. Nope. Just runs away again.

the only way I was able to get more rockets was to suicide.... grr....
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