Does hip fire even try to stay inside the crosshairs anymore?

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Since they upped auto aim if you having issues its all you...
Hate increased auto aim.

I've played w/ auto aim off since release.

i dont think you can turn auto aim off in multiplayer.

Yes you can, I play without aim assist too.
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RedFive3 posted...
Whats the best hip fire weapon? Anyone know? Just curious.

I've got a feeling it's the MP7. The hipfire spread is extremely tight.
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All the PDWs are great at hipfire. I think they all have the same hipfire spread with laser, but most people say the MP7 is the best. Personally I do better with the PP-2000.
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They had to increase the hipfire spread of the p90 when prone a while ago because it was better than the ADS. So yeah it's quite good. That or the MP7, you don't really need to ADS in the majority of matches.

I was using the F2000 last night, hipfire seemed fine out to 20m or so same as ever