At some point of your life, have you ever gone commando?

#11Wilmore99Posted 7/1/2012 6:18:36 PM
"Remember when I said that I'd kill you last? I lied."

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#12dajakePosted 7/1/2012 6:30:25 PM
I eat Green Berets for breakfast!
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#13Jodo FettPosted 7/2/2012 4:40:42 AM
dajake posted...
I eat Green Berets for breakfast!

...and right now I'm pretty hungry!
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#14gr33ny76Posted 7/2/2012 8:11:28 AM
Let off some steam, Bennett.
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#15terrysmay04Posted 7/2/2012 8:27:11 AM
I'm going commando right now....
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#16zack12369Posted 7/2/2012 8:31:04 AM
i can't help it. when i post up i spam that back button at anything that moves.
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