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So for aircraft resupply... (Archived)
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NO!!! light machine gun... (Archived)
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Is the UH-60 Black Hawk going to be in the game? (Archived)Russian_Marine79/23/2011
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cod like? (Archived)
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your face when you get your first pair of dog tags? (Archived)
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Having Fun is no excuse for being bad. just man up and stop being lazy. (Archived)
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To give you an idea of what 360 might look like. (Archived)
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I just bought some pants and got bf3 for 17.99 (Archived)webb66639/23/2011
Okay, so let me get this straight. (Pre-order question; no BS please.) (Archived)Bonafide8769/23/2011
I've got a horrible feeling this game is going to suck (Archived)
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why are they holding back footage? (Archived)
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I hate how this game has a few modes, what modes from CoD would you like in? (Archived)
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I'll be playing this tomorrow (Archived)son_gogetto59/23/2011
ugh they shouldve just announced the beta tomr or sunday (Archived)MrMonkhouse89/23/2011
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