How do you get the jets?

#1anas_10Posted 8/4/2011 2:21:00 PM

i never played BF2 so i don't have an idea at all how you get the jets. Is there both team will have an air base where you can drive there an get in a jet.

i hope the Russian use there own jets like MIG-35 or T-50 and American F-22 and F-35. I hope you can dogfight aswel


#2SPYDER0416Posted 8/4/2011 2:24:51 PM

Jets spawn on the field, usually on base. You can drive your own team's jet, or if you are feeling devilish you can steal the enemy jet.

#3Jason_HudsonPosted 8/4/2011 3:41:14 PM
Whereever there is an airfield, there'll be a jet if BF2 was anything to go by. Also on Aircraft carriers, since the jets can take off vertically. Flying close to the runway would refill ammo and I think repair (can't remember, been nearly 3 years since I flew a jet last) the plane too.

It's simply entering the vehicle as you would do with any other. Any jet is up for grabs, but it's unlikely they'll be on the ground for long after spawning due to their popularity. You'll probably see a queue for them at times.

Ah, swimming over from Wake Island to the aircraft carrier and nabbing the US jet (the aircraft carrier could be entered from the water where all the boats were kept, and you could go up through the hallways to the upper deck where the jets, blackhawks, apache and anti-air guns were kept.

Cannot wait to play Wake Island in BF3, amazing map.

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Remember when the BC2 demo came out? and everyone was wanted to go in the apache? its gonna be like that, i hope the beta has a jet map
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WOW thats sounds awesome tomorrow i will get BFBC2 so i can get some practice how team work works lolz. I play COD too much so this year looks like its a big bye to COD from me. I hope there is gonna be more than 1 jet. It should be 3 jets and 3 tanks because there is 3 squads so then there won't be a big queue.

#6gilv3rPosted 8/4/2011 5:32:22 PM
Yeah it kind of sucks when everyone floods to the choppers and jets, only to crash. Well at least I'll have my C4 :)
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#7Jason_HudsonPosted 8/4/2011 7:22:48 PM
Well I went onto BF2 today and had a go in the jet (not many on the server). Gulf of Oman had 2 jets either side, so might get 2 jets in BF3 since Oman is one of the levels.

After readjusting the controls, a lot of fun was had :D

Also tried out the choppers. Ended up jumping out and landing right underneath where it was landing ._.
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