How to tag enemies like a pro.

#1ultimate26Posted 10/26/2011 9:39:41 AM
So, people complain like:

Cant tag while aiming and firing!

Its too far away for my fingers!

bla bla!

Well heres is the solution.

Left index finger will usually be on L1 to aim and fire at things.
Right index is on R1 to fire.
You got your left thumb which is free in a firefight unless you are running around.

While aiming and firing, you will move your left thumb to the Select Button and tap it quickly and return to your left stick position.

This is how i do it, and this is how I became a champ.

Please tag units, makes life muuuuuch easier for everyone else AAAND you make xp from it :)

+ if you are too scared to tag infantry, please tag tanks and helicopters, because you will probably not do much good against them unless you are an Engineer.