This game is not a Ridge Racer game.

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3 years ago#1
Kinda sad actually when I thought I could play one of my favorite arcade racing series at 1080p@60fps on my PC.

While I can play it at that setting, it just isn't a RR style game. The drifting is all wrong.

While it's a decent game on it's own, it really shouldn't have Ridge Racer in it's title.
3 years ago#2
There is a strong resemblance to Burnout, flatout, and split/second, which just seems wrong.
3 years ago#3
What are you talking about? It's Ridge Racer!




$59.99 US Dollars
Seriously, I'd like to play a new Wave Race, Outrun, Live-A-Live or Super Spike V'Ball before I quit gaming. Remake or Sequel.
3 years ago#4
I miss Ridge Racer Type 4..... :'-(
3 years ago#5
loved RR type 4... played it to death

Unbound leans a little too much to the realistic side for its own good
3 years ago#6
It's terrible. I'm watching the trailer/gameplay and it is totally nothing to do with Ridge Racer. Like a previous poster said, it's more similar to NFS or Burnout style.

Ridge Racer visuals are stylish, colorful, and have awesome environments. This seems more gritty and has an "underground feel". Even the soundtrack doesn't feel the same, I miss the soulful beats that the RR series is known for.

This whole game feels like an "American-spin" on the franchise.

I'll give the demo a try before I make my final judgement, though.
3 years ago#7
I agree that it doesn't feel like a Ridge Racer game, but it's still pretty damn fun.

I like it.
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3 years ago#8
The fact that it is not Ridge Racer (which it's not). The problem is that it is too hard. Pure, Split/Second, and Blur all failed commercially at least in part for this reason. Don't get me wrong, I like those games. But there has to be some compromise between hardcore fans and more casual fans, do that the more casual fans don't get shut out of the game. The difficulty level here is brutal. Just brutal. This type of game will gain a cult following, but it will never flourish.
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  3. This game is not a Ridge Racer game.

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