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What version of Cave Story should I play? (Archived)mildare_el_rayo45/9/2012
Send your complaints to Nicalis NOW (Archived)
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What do the 3 difficulties do in this game? (Archived)JRPG45/3/2012
Is the max HP 100 or 98? (Archived)HitakaPhoenix15/1/2012
Please compare this to Disgaea. (Archived)LeFeverBeaver24/30/2012
Apparently there's something for old fans for this game. (Archived)0-taku34/28/2012
Last 2 health points??? (Archived)xellos66724/20/2012
Got the game Friday, beat it Sunday. Assuming I got the worst ending. (Archived)SonicRecords63/27/2012
I just bought a used copy of this for $28 (Archived)
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No more missiles? (Possible Spoilers) (Archived)CVNut1333/12/2012
Live Capsule list? (Archived)DayrDaftin13/8/2012
waterway life capsule (Archived)atopp39923/1/2012
Item Quit Glitch and getting the secret Beast fang! (Archived)CheatFreak4732/25/2012
Question about red flowers (SPOILERS) (Archived)Phlegatu32/21/2012
Booster? (Archived)Neo_Dekar22/17/2012
Favorite music from each version? (Archived)__Gaminator__12/10/2012
New to Cave Story .... Have a few questions?????? (Archived)wvu978742/7/2012
Is this worth owning? (Archived)
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Best Ending... WHAT did I do wrong? *spoilers* (Archived)Bigmac90931/25/2012
Ok if I see one more person use the 'ITZ PORTAHBALL' argument I'm going to rage. (Archived)
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