Favorite quote's in the series?

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What's your favorite quote or speech in this series? For me, it's gotta be in AC2.... "It'sa me,Mario!"
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Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. The obvious answer.

But there is one, that now gives me goosebumps, specially knowing of how the Ezio's trilogy developed, which is said between a dialogue with Ezio and his brother at the beginning of Assassin's Creed II:

"It is a good life we lead brother.

The best, may it never change.

And may it never change us."

And BOOM, the song burst epicly presenting us the title ASSASSIN'S CREED II with a grand angle of Firenze.

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"Speak to me, or Speak to God..." - Altair
"This issue doesnt concern you. Dont Bother me. Die..."
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"You condemn what you do not understand." -Ezio at the start of Brotherhood I believe, when him and Mario are escaping the Vatican.
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"Curse him! Curse the Christian King and his army of infidels! They go against the will of God, and must be made to pay. Everywhere they ride, they leave only suffering in their wake. They say it is a Crusade. A Crusade for what? Ignorance? Violence? Madness? We must resist! We must fight them in any way we can!"
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"Wassa matta you, Altair?" - Desmond Miles
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A minute is all I need... (Cristina: Indeed...) Wait, that came out wrong.
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'Requiescat in pace' -ezio
never gets old to me
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"You are not Vieri. Do not become him." ~Mario Auditore