Bug using the homestead ledger?

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User Info: Graeves

4 years ago#1
So, I got access to the ledger and I'm in sequence 6 now but whenever I use it my buttons seem unresponsive. The only thing working is the X button. I can't exit, I can't select anything properly.

If I use the ledger, which is at this point meaningless to me, I have to exit the game and restart it.

Anybody else encountered this issue?
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User Info: Fender_Gamer

4 years ago#2
I think I have the same bug as you. I contacted UBIsoft, and I will update when I get a response. I can't find any where else with some one having this problems. If YOU have any updates please let me know. And for what it's worth I have the 360 version, so this doesnt seem to be strictly a ps3 problem.

User Info: koggx

4 years ago#3
just got this to and left a message on the Ubisoft forums here is the link

www.freewebs.com/kingofgamesgx home to all manga fan
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