peg leg trinket frontier location

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4 years ago#1
i can't find one of the frontier locations for the peg leg trinkets. it's one where if you get to the spot on the map you are on a cabin and it seems to be underneath it. i can't find a cave or trap door or anything.
4 years ago#2
it's in the diamond basin hunting area.
4 years ago#3
i don't even care about collectibles. the only reason why i'm getting these things is so i can do the 4 treasure missions. but i can't find this one ****ing peg leg. i've looked all around the area.
4 years ago#4
don't all help me at once. thanks for the help. whatever.
4 years ago#5
nobody knows where the god **** ****ing trinket is? bull ****. just answer my ****ing question if that isn't too hard to do.
4 years ago#6
it's inside you...
4 years ago#7
nice answer. definately showed your intelligence or lack of.
4 years ago#8
its gamefaqs give people time ur not even waiting 5 mins hardly

and no one is going to answer you with that kinda talk
4 years ago#9
says the one getting irate over the fact they can't find something in a videogame.
4 years ago#10
I've found all the trinkets on Frontier, but I have no idea what one exactly you're talking about. So I can't exactly help, can I?
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