AC3 challenges?

#1Fonce2387Posted 10/31/2012 6:48:19 PM
So i am in sequence two, and decided to mess around a bit. I noticed a message come up saying 2/5 and something along the lines of having snipers fall off the roof to their death in westfall. I have searched all the menus and CANNOT find this challenge. How are we supposed to know our progress? Anyone else able to help me with this? Very frustrating.
#2DeathFan357Posted 11/1/2012 7:40:50 PM
i want to know this too. im in sequence 5 and it says i unlocked hunting and brawler challenges but cant check them.
#3OhhSnapPosted 11/1/2012 7:42:59 PM
You press Select and go to your logbook.
#4DeathFan357Posted 11/1/2012 7:45:21 PM