How long?

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4 years ago#1
Longer or shorter than past AC games? Talking general campaign here.
4 years ago#2

4 years ago#3
The main story is probably around 8-12 hours. Then there is at least 15-20+ hours of side quests. Beyond that, if you're a collector, it will probably take quite a long time to find all of the feathers, chests, and pages.
4 years ago#4
ive seen some letsplays and one of them took the guy 11 hours and the other one took 14 1/2 hours. so probably between 10 and 15 hours for just the campaign.
4 years ago#5
Just the campaign seems a bit shorter to me than some of the previous games. But there is so many side missions that are actually fun to do that it makes the game seem longer. I'm also of the opinion that the naval missions are the most fun part of the game, and they are pretty much all optional.
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