Special Iron Ingot

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I've run out of these ingots and I need them to craft more weapons. Where can I get these?
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Hopefully I'll bump into someone that knows ;-;
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I got this from a gamefront guide:

Special Iron Ingots: Acquired by completing a special mission for the Miners in your Homestead. Can also be found by unlocking a chest located behind your manor house.

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Thanks but the thing is.. I've already done all of the miners quests already, and that box doesn't re-appear. I'm starting to think there's only a limited amount of these things in the game.
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The problem for me is, It wont let me use them to craft.
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I'm gonna make the assumption that you get more special iron ingot from your assassin's doing missions in the other states georgia, the carolinas, etc...Because I too I'm still missing some more special iron ingot for special weapons and have found all the chests in the game.
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Apparently you have to use up all of the ingots you already have then the box will refill.