If you were an assassin...

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User Info: blueice9

4 years ago#1
What would be your main means to dispose of your targets? No guns, and you cant use a hidden blade like the rest of the assassin order, come up with your own unique signature killing style. How clever are you?
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User Info: Crimson Skys

Crimson Skys
4 years ago#2
A gun.
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User Info: Alexichu

4 years ago#3
A cat launcher
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User Info: notedeath

4 years ago#4
Darts, equipped above each of your fingers. And the trigger is hidden at your elbow or forearm.
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User Info: Eedrah

4 years ago#5
A toothpick...

User Info: zelos736

4 years ago#6
I would use a sickle/sythe. Death is my name, and killing, my game!

User Info: habbox77

4 years ago#7
Escrima sticks similar to Nightwing in Arkham City but with a more aggresive style of fighting rather than speed, and also a long range crossbow rifle for sniping.
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User Info: awsomemanspiff

4 years ago#8
bow and arrow baby!!
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User Info: FrooFather

4 years ago#9
A tea cup.
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User Info: Dtok

4 years ago#10
GFaq Trolls.
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