Convoy Defense Locations?

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4 years ago#1
Are there specific areas that you can go to in the frontier to defend your convoy? I have had this thing saying that my one of my three convoys is under attack for three DNA sequences. There is is no convoy defense signal on the frontier map, nor will it give the the option to send my recruits to defend it. I aloe cannot rebuild it either. I'm am just rather annoyed at the fact that I can't get my third convoy back.

Anyone else's have this problem? Or does anyone know how I can fix this?
4 years ago#2
I believe you have to hold L2 to assign one of your assassins to do it. I don't remember the exact buttons to press to do it, but I think that's how you get to it.
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4 years ago#3
No, when I press l2 it doesn't give me the option to send them. Nor can I find it in the frontier. Basically I have a convoy that I cannot rescue
4 years ago#4
To send your assassin's to defend a convoy, you hold L2, then press square to bring up the mission map, then you press square again and choose who to send, i don't know if this works or not while in a DNA sequence as i have never tried, but that's how it's done at other times.
4 years ago#5
Guys you're not listening to me. When you would go to send a recruit on a mission, I don't get the option of defending the convoy. L2 and sqaure just bring up the mission screen. And pressing square to defend the convoy is not there. The only missions I have are the ones I haven't completed yet.

I cannot find the symbol to defend it on the frontier map nor can I by waking around in the frontier.

I'm trying to figure out if anyone worse is having this problem, or its just a bug on my disc.
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