Best sword in Assassins Creed 3

#1Sultan_VIPPosted 11/7/2012 8:01:44 PM
I was wondering how can I level up the blacksmith to level 4 to get the best sword in Assassins creed 3 (Lincoln)
#2PFireflyPosted 11/7/2012 8:02:50 PM
Do the homestead missions when they become available...
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#3GenjutsuCrowPosted 11/7/2012 8:02:54 PM
Wait, I thought the Washington sword was the best, with 5 In everything?
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#4ChudamaruPosted 11/7/2012 8:03:21 PM
Actually the Washington sword is +1 in all stats over the Lincoln sword
#5OhhSnapPosted 11/7/2012 8:03:31 PM
Keep doing homestead missions. It'll go up eventually. And the best sword based on stats is Washington's.
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#6RybalPosted 11/7/2012 8:09:03 PM
Guess it's time to make that sword.
#7Sultan_VIP(Topic Creator)Posted 11/7/2012 8:15:22 PM
The Lincoln sword is 5 in everything but the problem is I dont know how to get the blacksmith to lvl4?
#8MoooglemanPosted 11/7/2012 8:42:51 PM
The washington sword is equal to the lincoln in one stat and plus one over lincoln in the other 2. Just keep doing homestead as they come available.
#9DtokPosted 11/7/2012 8:45:14 PM
Please keep in mind that they -ALL- suck. Damage is a joke. I've semi-slashed a guy non-stop without going into a combo kill for over 30 seconds and you know what... the dude was still alive!

Without finishing the opponent, weapon damage means NOTHING in this game.
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#10AzureVergilPosted 11/7/2012 8:47:16 PM
I assume Altair's Sword is not in this game?