Does anyone else feel like the technology has gone backwards? (spoilers kind of)

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We might aswell replace all guns in fps games with crossbows.
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From: giled_tolgra | #015
Weren´t Flintlock muskets terribly inaccurate and unwieldy?

Yes. Muskets were unrifled, making their accuracy garbage. Muskets were most effective when the forces lined up and fired a massive volley. Then rifling was invented in the 1840's, well after this game takes place.
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riddlebox89 posted...
Someone else needs to lay off the stupid pills it looks like, cause if you weren't overdosing on them day after day, you'd notice I never said anything about weapon stats and would know what I'm talking about.

Seeing as you don't, your brain is far too fried to comprehend anything that's not between your legs.

Okay, you seem to be forgetting that you said this:

riddlebox89 posted...
it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out that, regardless of how useful or useless you find weapons other than the tomahawk, the other weapons in the game are useful for this game

But you wont tell me how exactly weapons beyond the tomahawk, that make literally no difference to gameplay, are useful.
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