How to upgrade your ship?

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User Info: jenrais

4 years ago#1
Was doing raiding the prospector and almost broke my controller. read somewhere you can upgrade the ship. How?

User Info: Alexichu

4 years ago#2
Go to a harbour master and beside him should be a book. You can upgrade there. Make sure you have plenty of money as the upgrades aren't cheap
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User Info: Yunthor_HnC

4 years ago#3
In Sequence 6, after you do the first naval mission, there is a book next to the Captain. You do your upgrades there. I read you can do them at any harbormaster, but I haven't tried.
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User Info: ka243

4 years ago#4
Yep any harbormaster at the book. I suggest this before doing most of the naval missions as it makes them much easier. There are some that are really hard (almost impossible) to get 100% synch on even with all upgrades so you want all the help you can get.

User Info: jenrais

4 years ago#5
Oh thanks. I always got to the point where one ship was left and the timer ended. This mission is stupid without upgrades as i see
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