Need help with finding unlocked fast travel points in Boston.

#1Project-CanaanPosted 11/8/2012 11:06:55 PM
So far I've only found the initial one that you explore with Sam. I've found other access points , it seems like, but they're all locked and I can't get inside of them... and I've completed explored the tunnels and there's nothing but dead ends. I see a brick wall, but I don't know how to break it. There aren't any powder kegs lying around, and there's a door, but I have to unlock it from the other side. So.. my question is, how do I access the other parts of the underground? Is it story-related? I'm at the beginning of sequence 7.
#2MadigariPosted 11/8/2012 11:11:08 PM
You should unlock all of them in the tunnels. If you find a locked room, there's generally a way to get around it in that room. Just look around, and don't be afraid to put down your lantern in front of the locked doors so you can climb on things.
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#3True_RunePosted 11/8/2012 11:20:15 PM
when there is a door you HAVE to open from the otherside, put your lantern down and do some climbing, there is a way to get there, then when you open the door, you can pick your lantern back up.

If you see a red brick wall or some red boards blocking a path, you need an explosive barrel. don't feel like carrying one? use a trip mine and your gun.
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